Books by Harold E. Collins

Harold E. Collins

As a lawyer and author Harold E. Collins has been writing for over 50 years, but always for clients. His first book “Rich & Judgment Proof” was written as a professional complement to his law practice in 1995.

A Widowers Journey in Faith, Love and Good Humor

This new project, published in 2014, started as a love letter to his deceased wife Marilyn. In this sense he is still writing for another person. As it evolved, the book also became a thank you for family, friends and a new love Friederike Thibault now his wife, who has made his life so enjoyable, and helped this new life evolve from merely bearable to joyful. True to his character as a counselor, the end product is intended for others who must face their own mortality and that of their loved ones. This has become his personal ministry and the book his calling card. Additional information [A Widowers Journey in Faith, Love and Good Humor]

The Chartreuse Suitcase (Coming Soon)

A mostly true real life murder mystery case from the authors case files

An Heir of Innocence? (Coming Soon)

Another mostly true murder mystery case from the author’s case files.