“The Fifth Estate” is a 2013 movie thriller about the news-leaking website WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. The film’s name is intended to describe the people who operate in the same manner as journalists, but outside the normal constraints imposed on the mainstream media.

Although performing poorly at the box office, its namesake “The Fifth Estate” and protagonist WikiLeaks have become household names after its exposure of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s miscreant conduct while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State under President Barack Hussein Obama. Although she lost the election to President Donald Trump, the complexity of Mrs. Clinton’s ethics and veracity remained in the everyday news cycle and resurface whenever she offers public comments about Republicans. 

President Trump had a genius for branding his opponents. The name “Crooked Hillary” has stuck with her and she now has little credibility in whatever she says or does. Candidate Trump’s branding of his Republican opponents in the primary election debates haunted him in his efforts to govern as president. He insulted Senator John McCain who later came from his brain tumor treatment regimen to the U.S. Senate to cast the single vote that defeated the Republican Party’s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. Other “Never Trumpers” such as Mitt Romney and the Bush family remained bitter and uncooperative with Trump.

President Trump became the “Tweet Master In Chief” and continued to offend his opponents with acerbic rude tweets until he was denied access to Twitter by its management. He claims this was necessary because of the “fake news” spewed by the mainstream media. His “fake news” moniker has branded the liberal news with political bias more successfully than any other president before him. Rest assured, he will find another medium to convey his message.

In this sense, President Trump became part of the Fifth Estate as the “Tweet Master” In Chief. As with so many of his unnecessarily caustic attacks in response to what he perceived to be fake news or inaccurate commentary about him or his policies, he has proved to be prescient in his responses. In almost every instance he has been vindicated by the facts as they are developed under investigations. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller found nothing that even remotely implicated Trump in any illegal conduct. The same result happened twice in the impeachment mania, pushed by a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives investigation.

As this all played out like another of Trump’s TV reality shows, and the liberally biased “meanstream” media was exposed as the real Fifth Estate for its fake news as contrasted with the factually accurate WikiLeaks exposure of the Clinton indiscretions with private email servers, speaking fees, pay-to-play contributions to their foundation, and kinky deals with the Russians for our Uranium – and Hillary “got fired.” Unfortunately for Trump, he then “got fired” from his own reality show in the White House. 

Fake news is not fake news if it is accurate, no matter how inconvenient for the person exposed. All of this begs the question as to who, if anyone, is The Fifth Estate? Fake news clearly falls into this category, especially if politically motivated. If the shoe fits, mainstream media must wear it. 

Yet, the political corruption in Washington, DC survives on the secrecy embraced and perpetuated by the “Swamp People” (another Trump branding of his opponents).

Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the blogosphere have lifted the liberal elite’s shroud of secrecy intended to thwart the will of American voters. Career politicians and bureaucrats are being pulled out of the swamp shadows by real news, not fake news. Sadly, we have lost the voice of Rush Limbaugh who as a voice in the wilderness of liberal leaning media broke the code of silence imposed on conservatives.

It remains a work in progress to hold fake news people and their swamp sponsors accountable. This will be a Herculean task because these so-called news people have hidden behind the First Amendment of our Constitution for over 200 years. The imbedded career bureaucrats are protected by Civil Service laws, even though many have become political activists for their leftist agenda. At best, we can with competition from conservative news and internet commentary sources expose the fake news stories and the hypocrites who purvey their libel and slander for political and financial purposes. This exposure exploded under President Trump as never before. His new brand of journalism in bringing us out of the dark ages of mainstream liberal media fake news. Thank you to the new 5th Estate and its leader Donald Trump.

If Republicans are as rich as Democrats accuse them, we now need some billionaire conservative Republicans to buy controlling interest in multiple sources of mainstream media and the big tech companies and replace the biased authors of fake news. Billionaire Jeff Bezos has used his Amazon wealth to buy the Washington Post for $250 million. As expected, the Post doubled down on its liberal support of biased news reporting with attacks on President Trump and Republicans in general.

Republicans need another Rupert Murdock, owner of Fox News, to step up and take over some major news sources. Call your friends Mr. Trump. Better yet, do it yourself. These could be excellent investments. Mr. Bezos is doing just fine with his. Republicans will too. Just ask Mr. Murdock. Look back at your own TV success that propelled you to the White House.

Let’s have more competition in the media business for the minds, hearts and souls of the voters. A truly free press in our free enterprise system will educate the public and hold all politicians and their swamp people compatriots accountable. Bring on the Fifth Estate from the left-and the right!

Stay tuned as Ex-President Trump’s new media efforts peal back the layers of espionage practiced by deep state bureaucrats under protection of the Democrat Party and “meanstream” leftists’ media partners. It should be entertaining. Hopefully, it will be informative and not just more fake news.

Sadly, the fake news epidemic has infected our children and grandchildren with such distrust that they ignore the mainstream media, both left- and right-wing advocates and look to sound bites on the internet and cell phones. These, too, have become infected with fake news. Worse yet, the patrons of social media are now being manipulated by unscrupulous big tech companies who tend to be liberal proponents and they are constantly invading our privacy with spam and robocalls, while censoring opposing views.

More than ever before, we need to search through the hubris of all purveyors of information, especially academia where they are attempting to rewrite our history and brainwash our children with their liberal ideology; but that is a subject for another essay.

Harold E. Collins
Lawyer, Author and Journalist Provocateur

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Harold E. Collins
Lawyer, Author and Journalist Provocateur