Harold E. CollinsHas anyone bothered to do the math on this so-called COVID 19 crises? Using published numbers from your 5-8-20 edition, we have 5,200,000 people in Chicago and its suburbs. Only 4/100ths of 1% (.04%) have died from this virus. The 48,341 positive cases represent .92% (less than 1%) of this population group! Of these positive cases, only 2,110 (4.3%) have died, many with other healthcare complications – including advanced age beyond normal life expectancies. The more they test, the lower these numbers become in relation to the total population measuring group.

What would these numbers be if we added all the asymptomatic cases that go undetected? A lot less, for sure.

Take out the nursing and retirement homes, healthcare and first responder workers and these numbers become insignificant in relation to other more normal flu seasons. Yet, 5,197,890 other people are suffering the loss of their personal freedom because of incompetent public officials. Their economic carnage continues to cause grievous harm to all the healthy people, emotionally and economically, but these elected officials and their unelected staffs are not listening. Safe and secure in their taxpayer funded compensation, they can issue their edicts from their safe and secure bunkers that are destroying lives and businesses far beyond the threat we face. Not to worry, they will raise our taxes when they run out of our money and remain safe and secure with their unfunded pensions that we still have to pay for when this is over.

They were unprepared for this new virus or any other health care calamity, and then panicked, locked us down and have lied to us repeatedly to mask their failures. Many years ago my grandfather, the first of what has now become five generations of family lawyers, told me, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Go figure!

Enough! End this fraud and bring in the lawyers. They have all read the constitution and have access to the courts, Federal courts if necessary. How convenient it has been to blame us, China and our president. Shame on them We the people deserve better.

Respectfully submitted, by Harold E. Collins, Lawyer, Author and Journalist Provocateur