Op-Eds and Essays from Harold E. Collins

Op-eds and Essays by Harold E. Collins

Fake News And the Fifth Estate

“The Fifth Estate” is a 2013 movie thriller about the news-leaking website WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. The film’s name is intended to describe the people who operate in the same manner as journalists, but outside the normal constraints imposed on the...

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The Lost Art of Journalism

Our print, radio, TV, internet and social media have become advocates for their favorite causes. When they ceased investigating and reporting verified facts, they lost their moral compass and justification for protection under the First Amendment of the U.S....

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Student Loan Oppression

Student loans have become the modern-day version of indentured servitude, a financial arrangement that enabled immigrants to pay for their voyage to the American colonies with a promise of employment when they got here. This was not slavery as such, but unscrupulous...

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The Real Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “AOC,” as the media calls her, has captured headlines with her “Green New Deal” proposal. The global warming issue has been the darling of the radical left wing of the Democrats for years, but they are now losing their relevancy because of...

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It’s A Dog’s Life

The old cliché, “It’s a Dog’s Life,” has historically implied that life is rough and unhappy. However, in recent years I have come to believe dogs have it pretty darn good. Most are pampered and adored by their masters, especially urban canines. As a child, I had a...

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