Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker locked down our state for over a year in various stages. It appears he is letting unelected bureaucrats run our lives under the pretext of science when the true facts defy their tyranny. Is this a political maneuver or incompetence, or both? The facts and figures don’t lie, but politicians and their “swamp people” government employees do it as naturally as breathing.

Illinois has about 12,630,000 residents. A substantial majority live in the Greater Metropolitan Chicago area. Over 5,000,000 live in just Cook County, 2,300,000 of them in Chicago under the COVID-19 rules of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

According to the 10-30-20 edition of the Chicago Tribune article by Jamie Munks and Dan Petrella, Illinois had had 395,458 reported positive cases of COVID-19 and 9,675 had died from the virus. This means that 3.1% of our people had been infected and 0.07% had died. Viewed from the opposite perspective, 96.9% remained healthy and 99.93% survived this “so-called” pandemic. Of those 395,458 infected cases, 385,783 recovered and are now part of our herd immunity. With about 100,000 people being tested every day, we soon learned the full extent of this health scare. These figures and those that followed are unrefined broad-brush statistics that ignore the reality of the infections in terms of specific locations, age, groups, race, education, and occupation. We know that extended care facilities have been hit harder, as have African Americans and Latinos, but it is inconvenient to publish this information. It would expose their deception.

We have since endured a surge during the winter holiday season, but are now back to where we were last October.

People have demanded to know why we haven’t focused on the problem, instead of holding everyone hostage, but we still get no answers. They blame everything on science but cite no scientific authority – just the bureaucrats’ warnings.

A few months ago, NBC published Illinois’ secret list of COVID-19 “hot spots,” which included over 43,780 cases. Cases on this list attributable to restaurants and bars were only 448, about 1% of our cases. Yet, our governor blamed them and shut them down!

Meanwhile, cases attributable to senior care facilities on the list were over 27,293, or more than 63%; other concentrated communities, such as prisons, contributed another 4,109 cases or another 9%. Guess what? Many of these facilities are run by the government. Of course, they do not want us to know this or why it happened.

In an effort to further terrorize the public, our elected officials have changed the rules on counting COVID-19 cases. They now include “probable” cases that have not even been tested without distinguishing between the two. They have been doing this with deaths all the while! THIS IS TYRANNY IN CAPITAL LETTERS! And for what purpose? Obviously, they are trying to scare us into submission to their power grab for control of our lives. 

With these demographics the first suspect for this obfuscation of the facts, and the issues they raise, would be the censorship of political correctness. There is also the likelihood that the truth would expose their incompetence and frustrate their continued political control by scaring the citizens (and non-citizens) of Illinois. We have become a oneparty controlled state,-the Democrat party’s state. It completely controls Chicago and Cook County. They are sponsors of this tyranny. Fear and deceit are their weapons and shields. 

If the whole truth is told, many of the 7/100th of 1% who died were sick with other co-morbidity problems, but these have not been revealed. COVID-19 is blamed for everything possibly because reimbursements for their medical expenses are higher. More likely, because it is their tool of tyranny.

It would be interesting to compare these statistics to other flue seasons, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, auto accidents, street crimes and suicides (before and after COVID-19). This would put COVID-19 in its proper perspective as it affects our lives.

When 99.93% of our citizens are subjected to draconian restrictions on their personal and business activities to protect a mere 3/100th of 1% of our citizens, this is tyranny. The economic and social cost of this tyranny is unassessable and its accuracy is dubious. 

People are voting with their feet and leaving Illinois by the 1,000s every year. Those left behind must pay the massive debts our state has accumulated while exploiting its working class, senior citizens and underclass citizens using the pretext of an uncontrollable COVID-19 pandemic. Our elected officials have decimated our economy while rewarding those working for a government paycheck, and feeding at the public trough of entitlements.

Close the door and turn off the lights as you leave Illinois for healthier and more prosperous venues with lower taxes and better weather. Those who can afford it, will arrange their affairs to enjoy the best of Chicago and avoid the worst with dual residences. Those who cannot will remain mired in the ashes of a once great city-state. 

For those who stay, social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks in confined public spaces have been reasonable precautions. Home confinement for those exposed to the virus is reasonable until they are cleared. Obviously, those who get sick need to be separated from the healthy people and cared for until they recover.

In short, we should address the problems when, where, and as they occur. Anything more is tyranny if the rest of us are not free to live our lives with reasonable precautions. This would be much easier if our government and its “so-called” experts would just tell us the truth, the whole truth. Instead, they hide their malfeasance and blame everyone else for the COVID-19 problems while trying to prolong their tyranny.

Fortunately, we now have vaccines that should get us to herd immunity in several more months. Query? What new form of tyranny will these overlords concoct next to control their subjects? And hide their incompetence and corruption? Will we ever be told the truth? Not likely, not in Illinois and not in Chicago, but the figures don’t lie – and the truth will set you free.

Harold E. Collins
Lawyer, Author and Journalist Provocateur

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